Pyrolysis plant cost for South America, Africa and Asia is lower now!


In order to develop the market for recycling and utilization of scrap tires, mechanical rubber goods, waste oils, oil sludge, plastics and wood waste in South America, Africa and Asia, the Technokomplex company introduces new terms of cooperation, involving special prices for the pyrolysis plants in these regions. Discount price for pyrolysis plant Pirotex starts from 38 300 euro.

Besides the pyrolysis machinery itself, the discounted price is relevant to the auxiliary equipment - the KVARK-500 Drum Furnace for sorbent and active coal production and the UGLAS-800 Gas Generator for electricity production.

herefore practically the entire range of the Technokompex equipment is going to be supplied to the countries of South America, Africa and Asia on easy terms. Hopefully, this will help to expand the market for recycling and utilization and will have a positive impact on environmental condition of these countries.

пиролизное оборудование в Южной Америке

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