KVARK-500 Drum Furnace for Gas-vapour Activation of Carbon-Containing Feedstock

The owners of the pyrolysis equipment often face the problem of application of carbon-containing residue produced during pyrolysis reaction. KVARK-500 drum furnace for gas-vapour activation of carbon-containing residue manufactured by the Zhelezno company is one of the possible solutions to this problem. Carbon black, being converted into active coal, becomes more commercially valuable. The activation increases the demand for this product and greatly expands the product market.

газогенератор УГЛАС-800

However, not only pyrolysis products can be used as a feedstock for the drum furnace but carbonize products like brown coal, bituminous coal, anthracite, peat, wood, vegetation wastes (walnut, coconut and other shells, fruit tree pits, rice husk, etc.) can be processed as well. As a result active coals of different sorption properties for different application fields are available.

The equipment set includes the automatized feed line, the drum furnace for activation, steam generator, automatized unloading line for the obtained product and automatized packing line. It should be noted, an auxiliary equipment for feedstock treatment (metal separation and material pregrinding) may be required in case the drum furnace is used together with Pirotex pyrolysis plant.

KVARK-500 drum furnace can be used not only for gas-vapour activation of carbon-containing residue. Also it can be used as an equipment for carbonization and pyrolysis of carbon-containing products. For this case specific adjustments of the equipment should be done.

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Technical and economic data of KVARK-500 Drum Furnace for activation

Feedstock and Capacity
Feedstock consumption tons/day 0,5 - 4,8
Capacity tons/day 0,25 - 2,7
Feedstock fraction mm depends on feedstock
Operating regime and Personnel
Number of men per shift man 2
Number of shifts pcs./h  3х8, 2х12
Necessary personnel qualification   technical secondary
Estimated time of operation per day h 24/7 or per shift
Estimated time of operation per year day  340
  Overall dimensions and Infrastructure
 Overall dimensions mm  7 800 х 2 500 х 3 800
Size of site/building required for gas generator operation  mm  12 000 х 6 000 х 5 000
Finished products storage (dry, ventilated)  m2 from 50
Feedstock storage  m2  from 100
 Communication lines
Required water supply (irretrievable water)  m3 4 - 45
Required capacity at peak load kW*h  4,5
Electricity consumption kW/month 3 060
KVARK-500 drum furnace for gas-vapour activation of carbon-containing residue can be used as:
  • - an auxiliary equipment to Pirotex pyrolysis plant for production of active coal from carbon-containing residue;
  • - an independent equipment in the function of a rotating pyrolysis furnace;
  • - an independent equipment for carbonization of carbon-containing products.

Video about operation of KVARK-500 Drum Furnace for activation: