UGLAS-800 Gas Generator

Gas Generator is an equipment applied to convert solid fuel into gas, heat and electric energy. UGLAS-800 represents gas generators of new generation (2013) in the range of equipment for recycling and utilization offered by Technokomplex.

UGLAS-800 Gas Generator is able to process the following types of feedstock: brown coal, bituminous coal, anthracite, peat, pyrolysed carbon briquettes, coal dust (culm) and sludge briquettes and agricultural wastes. Gasification of the mentioned above materials results in power gas and heat production, as well as production of electric energy in case an electric generator is available.

газогенератор УГЛАС-800

The UGLAS-800 Gas Generator complete set includes gas generator, automatized feed line, gas treatment line, as well as temperature control devices, the line that feeds gas in volumetric ratio and the device for automatized ash unloading. The Gas Generator layout is provided in accordance with site or building where the Customer is going to operate the equipment after the Contract on delivery is concluded.

Technical and economic data of UGLAS-800 Gas Generator

Feedstock and Capacity
Solid fuel consumption tons/day  3,5 - 7,5
Solid fuel fraction mm  20 - 60
Capacity for electric energy production kW*h  400-800
Capacity for heat production kW*h  250-480
Operating regime and Personnel
Number of men per shift man 1
Number of shifts pcs/h  3х8, 2х12
Estimated time of operation per day h 24/7 or per shift
Estimated time of operation per year day  330
   Overall dimensions and Infrastructure
 Overall dimensions mm/td>  5 700 х 2 400 х 2 300
Size of site/building required for gas generator operation mm  5 000 х 8 000
Feedstock storage m2  from 100
  Communication lines
 Required water supply (flowing or industrial water) mм3 from 12
Required capacity at peak load kW*h  6,7
Electricity consumption kW/month  4 422
UGLAS-800 Gas Generator can be used as:
  • - an independent equipment for gas and heat production from solid fuel and agricultural wastes briquettes;
  • - an auxiliary equipment to Pirotex pyrolysis plant for gas and heat production from carbon residue briquettes;
  • - a part of the line together with diesel or gas-piston generator for electricity production.

Video about UGLAS-800 Gas Generator operation: