Brazilian Delegation Visit

October 22, 2011

On October 19, 2011 the company Technokomplex held the Open Day for Brazilian delegation. The guests spent several days studying the operation of the unit Pirotex thoroughly, talked to the equipment designers, received a set of documents and collected samples of derived products. Negotiations are being held based on the results of the visit. The company Technokomplex thanks Brazilian specialists for their visit to Russia and their interest in our equipment.


The Company Technokomplex. Loading of Scrap Tires into the Crucible for Pyrolysis

Pirotex by Technokomplex. Loading of the Crucible into the Pyrolysis Furnace

Carbon Processing Line of the Company Technokomplex

Technokomplex. Part of the Line for Preset Grinding, Fraction – 5-200 μm.

The unit Pirotex for recycling of scrap tires (mechanical rubber goods), plastics, polyethylene terephtalate, polymers and oil sludge

Technokomplex. Low-temperature pyrolysis. Line for processing of carbon into salable products.

Technokomplex sells industrial soot produced by the company ZHELEZNO

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