Equipment for production of activated carbon


Technokomplex invites you to visit www.carbon-active.com, where information about business on the production and sale of activated carbons, including those based on pyrolysis carbon, is described.

The company has developed and tested over the years the technology for production of activated carbon that allowed to spun off this direction into a separate full-fledged business. Today Technokomplex offers not only the equipment, but activated carbons based on pyrolysis carbon, coconut shell, wood, hard coal, fruit pit and nut shell. A production line is based on the KVARK-500 drum furnace. The resulting high quality products have a wide spectrum of application.

The prices for activated carbons are available on request. The price for entire eqyupment line for activated carbon production is also available on the request. Every set of equipment is made-to-order.

Please feel free to contact us for further information!

производство и продажа активного угля

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