New information: Recycling and utilization of oil sluge (acid tars)


liquid fuelUpon clients' requests Technokomplex informs on processing of oil sludge in the Pirotex pyrolysis plant.

In a few words, oil sludge pyrolysis is one of the most efficient methods as it provides the largest yield of the most valuable derived product – liquid fuel.

Oil sludge is a by-product of processing petroleum products of the II class of hazard. Oil sludge storage at disposal sites and containment ponds involves huge environmental fines, which make the issue of its disposal even more urgent.

Experience has shown that in course of oil sludge pyrolysis in the Pirotex unit the following products are obtained:
20-60% - liquid fuel,
10-40% - carbon-containing residue
and the rest is gas.

Physical and chemical composition of oil sludge is rather complicated, but it is not a big deal: the Pirotex pyrolysis plant is suitable for utilization of oil sludges regardless of their composition. However, the output varies depending on the composition of feedstock.

Thus, the oil sludge utilization in the Pirotex pyrolysis plant allows creating a highly profitable business that is able to win following objectives:
- protect the environment from highly hazardous wastes;
- eliminate the financial burden of ecological fines;
- gain profit from oil sludge disposal;
- gain profit from selling liquid fuel (applicable for boilers or can be further separated into gasoline, diesel and heavy oil);
- gain profit from selling pyrolysis carbon (applicable as fuel briquettes or can be further processed into carbon black (soot), active coal or oil sorbent).

Further information on oil sludge utilization can be found here: Recycling and utilization of oil sluge (acid tars)

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