The Pirotex pyrolysis plant new configuration set – the ECONOMY set


The Technokomplex company informs on the new approach to equipment manufacturing. Starting from the New Year two original equipment sets - BUSINESS and ECONOMY -  are introduced. The BUSINESS set remains the same. The orders for the ECONOMY set are to be fulfilled by respected outsourcing manufacturing plants. This will allow reduction of equipment production cost and terms. For instance, the ECONOMY set price of the Pirotex pyrolysis plant with capacity of 5 tons of feedstock per day begins from 148 500 Euro.
However installation and commissioning of both BUSINESS and ECONOMY sets will be preformed only by the specialists of the Zhelezno manufacturing plant to guarantee the equipment high quality.
Except for outsourcing usage, another difference between two sets is the level of automatization.
For further information do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department: + 7 863 201-06-16. The price of all configuration of ECONOMY set can be found in the new price-list.

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