Letter regarding the unit Pirotex feed capacity of 5 260 kg/day


The company Technokomplex commends to your attention a letter received from the general director of the company ShinUtilProdukt from Domodedovo, which contains productivity figures of the unit Pirotex that are higher than the figures declared by the manufacturing plant.

This letter informs that the personnel managed to set the burners in the optimum way, to perform loading of the crucibles properly according to the manufacturer's recommendations and to keep the required temperature of the pyrolysis process during the equipment operation. Thus, in a number of cases the company ShinUtilProdukt managed to reduce time of the crucibles' residence in the furnace to 3,5 – 4 hours.

In spite of the lack of required number of the prepared crucibles a feed capacity of the unit Pirotex determined by calculation is 5 260 kg/day.

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