Cooling and Unloading of Carbon Residue

Under normal conditions, if forced cooling is not applied, the crucible with recycled pyrolysis feedstock (after pyrolysis reaction) cools down for 16-22 hours before emptying. The cooling line allows a reduction of the  crucible unloading time to 4-5 hours. Firstly, it helps to save operational space on the site; secondly, an ecological approach is followed, and it makes the final cost of the whole plant machinery cheaper because the quantity of pyrolysis crucibles used is halved.
The price of the cooling line is included into the price of the PYROTEX plant.
A hydraulic tipping device for emptying the crucibles into a vibrating sieve can be purchased separately.

The cooling process itself is as follows:
The crucible taken out of the lined chamber of the furnace after the full reaction period for mechanical rubber goods pyrolysis (4.5 – 5.5 hours depending on the technology) is set down by the cantilevered revolving crane or monorail on the appropriate platform, where one of its outlets is connected by flexible thermo-hoses through the gate to the wet scrubber.

Auxiliary Equipment for the Unit Pirotex. Equipment for Crucible Unloading.  

The pressurized air-water stream is vented  into the cooling section and the air is boosted by high pressure fan. Through this process, the crucible walls quickly transmit the warmth from the carbon residue to the cold air-water stream. This cooling process takes about 4 hours. After this, the crucible can be opened and unloaded without fear of carbon residue ignition if contact with oxygen occurs. The average temperature of the carbon residue is 60-85 degrees Celsius.