Information about Operating Units Pirotex

In the beginning of June the head of the company Zhelezno and the head of the trading house Technokomplex visited all facilities in central part of Russia where units Pirotex had been installed. Also the heads of the companies visited sites where customers only intended to install the units, for supply of which contracts had been concluded. This trip resulted in presentation of photo report that enriched already existing section Photos  on website of the company Technokomplex.

Questions about derived products use were discussed with all owners and operators of the units Pirotex. These meetings helped to get clear understanding of carbon black use as a filling material for mechanical rubber goods, as a colorant in paints and colors production industry, as an activated coal, etc.

Czech Republic 2018, Volga Region 2017, Praha, Czech Republic 2017, Stavropol territory 2017, Leningrad region 2016, Kyrgyzstan 2016, Kaluga 2015, Khakassia 2015, Khabarovsk 2015, Karelia 2015, Nizhniy Novgorod 2014, Naberezhnye Chelny 2014, Piatigorsk 2014, Vladivostok 2014, Tatarstan 2014, USA, Kansas, 2013, Columbia 2013, Múrmansk Región, 2013, Miass 2013, Naberezhnye Chelny 2013, Novokuznetsk 2013, Middle Russia 2012, Kazan 2012, Domodedovo 2012, Yaroslavl 2012, Kaliningrado, 2011, Nischni Nowgorod 2011, Stupino 2011 Wyborg 2010, Kemerovo 2010, Slantsy 2010, Sosnowyj Bor 2010, Krymsk 2010, Ravda, Bulgaria 2009, Belene, Bulgaria 2009<, Magnitogorsk 2008.

Low-temperature pyrolysis units Pirotex: operation by the customers

Krymsk, the Krasnodar Region. The equipment is in operation for half a year in Krymsk. The heads of the companies Technokomplex and Zhelezno had an important discussion of the use of derived products.

 Pirotex in Krymsk

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In Sokolniki the heads of the companies visited exhibition-forum Wasma / Waste Management dedicated to collection, transportation, storage, recycling and reuse of industrial and consumption waste. At the exhibition they managed to negotiate with a lot of manufacturers of recycling equipment similar to the units Pirotex, they estimated development trends in science and the whole recycling industry, as it helps to use world experience. A lot of innovative technologies were presented, both interesting and disputable. They chose optimal for improvement of the unit Pirotex operation technologies. The methods of some technical components implementation presented by French and Italian specialists were considered as the most interesting.

Nizhny Novgorod

The equipment Pirotex was installed in the beginning of May, commissioning works were performed.

The Unit Pirotex. Compressor and Crucibles

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In Yaroslavl the companies' heads visited the site prepared for the unit installation and decided how to arrange the equipment in the optimum way according to the type of locality. They had a remarkable meeting with scientists who are the researchers of carbon black grades since 1980, and with researches of activated coal RAU (analogue of activated coal BAU) used for disinfection and treatment of waste waters and drinking water sources.

Contract for cooperation in the field of development of rubber pyrolysis products was concluded. Production of activated coal, colorants with better coloring properties (processing in magnetic field), pigment, etc. The contract and the agreement on the program for research of products of mechanical rubber goods recycling were signed.

Saint Petersburg. Sosnovy Bor

Meeting with representatives of the company that operates the unit Pirotex almost for a year was held in Sosnovy Bor.

The Unit Pirotex

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The unit Pirotex was installed in Vyborg a year and a half ago. According to the customer's request commissioning is in process at the moment.

Hydraulic Tipping Device, Monorail

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The unit Pirotex operates steadily for 8 months. This is one of the most developed projects among all those that are in operation today.

Unit Pirotex Is Installed

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Conclusion: such business as recycling of rubber- and polymer-containing wastes has great perspectives. At the moment the price of 5 rubles for 1 kilogram of carbon is a starting point that will change to the best in the process of development; it means that operating companies will be able to get maximum income.

On October 19 the process of obtaining of documents for industrial safety of equipment from Gostekhnadzor will be finished; it will make the process of obtaining a permit for equipment operation easier in the regions of Russia. Derived products are hard to sell because of administrative barriers, but our company works in this field and offers to those who research derived products application to contact us by phone: +7 (863) 201-06-06 and discuss ways of carbon application on the basis of mutually advantageous cooperation. The companies Technokomplex and  Zhelezno establish a center for research of application of pyrolysis products from mechanical rubber goods.


The company Technokomplex thanks the companies operating the units Pirotex for kindly provided photos. We present these to visitors of our website:



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