For Attention of Potential Customers of the Equipment for Mechanical Rubber Goods and Plastics Recycling

Costs of the equipment are 60 – 70 % of the total sum of investment required for official start-up.

Here is a list of the documents that the company that operates the unit KONSTANTA-MODULE-2 had to prepare, approve and pay for.

1. Project Documents

  • Explanatory Notes - 91 pages.
  • Industrial Safety - 70 pages.
  • Mining and Geological Substantiation - 35 pages.
  • Electrical Part - 28 pages.
  • Technical Report on Geological Engineering Survey - 68 pages.
  • Process Design - 62 pages.
  • Automatization - 62 pages.
  • Emergency Prevention Measures - 71 pages.
  • Books:
    • General Layout.
    • Water-Supply and Sewerage Outdoor Systems.
    • On-Site Utilities and Electricity Facilities.
    • Automation of Technological Process of Vehicle Fleet.
    • Recycled Water Pump Station.
    • Manufacturing Technique.
    • Electrical Part Э._Э2.
    • Lightning Protection, Grounding.
    • Foundations for Process Equipment and Buildings.
    • Enclosing Steel Structures of Buildings.
  • Environment Impact Assessment.
  • Activity Substantiation Materials.
  • Waste Disposal Project.
  • Maximum Permissible Emissions.
  • Conclusions:
    • Land Plot.
    • Letter about Sanitary Protection Zone.
    • Layout Plan.
    • Conclusion on Industrial Safety.
    • Environment Protection Conclusion.
    • Activity Substantiation Materials.
    • Positive Conclusion for the Detailed Project.
    • Detailed Project.
    • Activity Substantiation Conclusion.
  • Oil Spill Contingency Plan.
  • Emergency Localization Plan.
  • Operation Permit.
  • Expert Report.

On-site supply lines that are to be there or must be arranged:

  • Drain Outlet.
  • Drain Tank.
  • Tanks for Pyrolysis Fuel Storage.
  • Filling System.
  • Pyrolysis Fuel Transfer Pump Station.
  • Emergency Gas Relief Flare.
  • Building for Storage and Processing of Carbon Residue.
  • Building for Operating Personnel.
  • Administrative Building.
  • Area with Hard Surface for Storage and Receiving of Scrap Tires.

 This list of necessary actions to be taken for normal operation of the enterprise for mechanical rubber goods and plastics recycling is approximate.

The documents given at this page for information are not for sale or submission to persons who are not the customers of the company Technokomplex.

The documents necessary for operations outside Rusia may be different and we suggest you consult the appropriate regulating authorities to make sure.