Infrastructure and operation

Infrastructure for MRP operation required:
- a lot with a concrete site of 25 m2 (location in shed or other good-ventilated premise is posiible as well)
- power supply of 380 W

Fuel and Lube Oil stock (Daily rate):
- Raw – 5-50 m3
- Diesel – 3-40 m3
- Benzine – 3-40 m3
- Fuel Oil – 2-40 m3

Other requirements are:
- Fuel and Lube Oil pump line for market oil products transfer
- industrial water well
- water cooling tank of 7-15 m3 (or water cooling tower for thermal head quenching of 92,8 kW/h)
- control room
- isolation valves, head pipes, etc.
- grounding loop Mini Plant can be installed in open area, shed or other ventilated auxiliary facility.

Flowing water, lake, river and other types of water can be used for cooling. The water doesn't come into contact with fuel and lube oil and its output temperature is 30-50 degrees Celsius.

A compounding block is needed to produce additives for high-octane gasoline production. The problem can be solved also by simply mixing an additive through a pump. There is no other method for producing octane on such equipment.

The equipment is easy to install and, if needed, the personnel can be trained at the equipment loading site.

At warm temperatures the burners do not generate exhaust fumes. The equipment produces little noise. The compact-module construction is easy to use.

The price of the equipment can be found in price-list in PIROTEX Table 7.