• PIROTEX Pyrolysis Plant
  • KVARK-500 Drum Furnace for Gas-vapour Activation
  • UGLAS-800 Gas Generator
  • The Konstanta line for processing of solid carbon-containing residue
  • BUSINESS CALCULATOR allows choosing the equipment for own business in the field of recycling and utilization

Mini Refinery Plant (MRP) for proceccing of oil, gas condensate, oil and gas mixture and pyrolysis product (synthetic oil)

The basis principles of MRP are:
- quality of processed oil products
- safety of exploitation in accordance with all industrial safety standards
- fail-free operating mode
- simplicity of exploitation

The possible capasity of MRP is 30, 50, 100 m3 per day.

The price of the equipment does not include:
- Fuel and Lube Oil storage tank
- MRP-to-Fuel and Lube stock head pipes
- Fuel and Lube Oil stock isolation valves and other devices
- electrical line (380 W)
- water cooling tank
- fire-extinguishing means

Terms of delivery - EXW (equipment is packed into one 13-meter semitrailer)
Manufacturing time is 95 calendar days.

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