Gas Generator MGG-1-500

Gas generator MGG-1-500 is one more type of equipment offered for sale by the company Technokomplex directly from manufacturer – Group of Companies Zhelezno. It is designed for complete transformation of solid fuel into combustible gases.

Gas – environmentally sound energy carrier – is produced during processing (pyrolysis) of coal, slack, wood (including wood shavings), manure, dung and other wastes of agricultural production and woodworking, slurry, biological sludge - all things that  contain more than 26 % of carbon. The gas generator is used as wastes processing equipment.

Generator gas can be used instead of natural gas and liquid fuels in infrared radiant burner units, drying units, boilers, internal combustion engines, etc. Photos of the generator can be found on the website of the company Technokomplex in the section Photos of Equipment.

Time required for manufacturing of the equipment is 1 month. We are ready to calculate the cost of  equipment on the customer's written request with indication of individual parameters. The following information is to be given:

  • type and daily amount of fuel to be recycled;


  • daily heat and power amount to be produced for the customer.

For more information about the gas generator MGG-1-500 you may ask specialists from sales department of the company Technokomplex. Price for the gas generator is given in the price list.