Specifications and performance
of different sets of PYROLYSIS PLANT

Today we'd like to offer the following complements of "FORVATER" pyrolysis plant (the capacity is calculated on oil sludge with solid phase content up to 40%):

  • 300 kg/h;
  • 600 kg/h;
  • 900 kg/h;
  • 1 200 kg/h;
  • 1 500 kg/h;
  • 2 000 kg/h.

In the table below the complements on one-piece rubber are stated:

Technical and Economic Features Unit plant
Estimated run days per year: Operating days  340
Quantity of maintenance stuff pers/shift  2
Quantity of shifts pcs. 3*8 hours
2*12 hours
Overall dimensions:
Plant length:  mm up to 12 000
 Plant width:  mm up to 5 000
Plant height: mm 5 000
Site area for plant installation: m2 up to 300
      Necessary infrastructure and communications of the site:
Electricity consumption  kW from 12
до 48
Dimensions of the site/working section, needed for equipment exploitation (length, width, height)
(length, width, height)
mm 18 000 х
12 000 х
6 000
Additional requirements to working site organization   Closed area with the height of 6m, covering – concrete base, reinforced, height 10 cm. Walls material – non-burning.
Necessity of open sites or storages, containers etc.   Raw material storage – for three working days
Other equipment   No need
Water, gas, drain system   No need