New materials on the website: Business Calculator and the Scheme of Gas, Heat, Fuel and Electricity Production.

February 07, 2014

Technokomplex presents a number of auxiliary materials that can be interesting for different groups of Customers: both specialists, who have a large experience in the field of recycling and utilization and inverstors, who just start their business in this field.

Business Calculator is an simple application for four step calculation of the required set of the pyrolysis equipment for recycling and utilization of available feedstock. By selecting the type of feedstock, its volume and type of the output an investor gets his personal list of the equipment with price, manufacturing time and specifications.

The Scheme of Gas, Heat, Fuel and Electricity Production from marketable products pyrolized in the Pirotex pyrolysis plant is an interactive scheme that illustrates the possible applications of the equipment when the aim is to obtain the maximum profit. The description provided below the scheme helps to undestand algorithm of the main and auxiliary equipment operation.

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