Processing of plastic car body parts in the Pirotex pyrolysis plant

August 12, 2013

Technokomplex shares the experience of one of the Customers who uses plastic car body parts (bumpers, flaps, etc.) as the main feedstock for processing in the Pirotex pyrolysis plant, unlike the most Customers of the equipment for recycling and utilization of mechanical rubber goods, scrap tires, oil sludge and waste oils.

The designers of the equipment have developed a special technological chart for operation on the Customer's facility. The chart helps the Customer to obtain the highest yield of liquid fuel and gas. The liquid fuel can be sold directly of after further processing while the whole amount of obtained gas can be used for proper operation of the Pirotex pyrolysis plant and for production of electricity in case an appropriate equipment is applied.

This experience expands opportunities of the Pirotex pyrolysis plant, making it not only an equipment for processing of mechanical rubber goods, but a continuous plastic pyrolysis plant as well.

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