Two new sets of Pirotex

January 12, 2013

Summarizing the whole background concerning equipment for mechanical rubber goods, plastics, waste oils and oil sludges utilization the corporate action to expand the equipment line of the Pirotex small pyrolysis unit was taken . Starting from 2013 two new sets with the capacity of up to 2/2,5 and 20/28 tons per day will appear on offer.

PIROTEX with its capacity of up to 2/2,5 tons per day has one crucible in its pyrolysis chamber and meets the smallest needs regarding utilization. Meanwhile such tyre pyrolysis plant cost is extremely democratic.

PIROTEX with its capacity of up to 20/28 tons per day is the most cost effective and the price per ton of feedback including auxiliary equipment is less.

The price and contents of new Units can be found in price-list that is already available for download on our website.

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