New Project: Equipment for Production of Bio-Fuel of the Second Generation

April 19, 2012

The company Technokomplex informs that recently the low-temperature pyrolysis units Pirotex were shipped to the next cities: Yaroslavl, Kaliningrad and Kazan.

At the moment four sets of mini pyrolysis plant Pirotex are being prepared for shipment to Switzerland.

As the equipment manufactured by the Zhelezno company has already gained good reputation among our partners due to stable operation, there is no need to hold Open Days for monthly demonstration of our pyrolysis equipment anymore.

Today the manufacturing plant - the Zhelezno company has orders for production of the Pirotex pyrolysis plant for the next several months. Even the demonstration set of equipment is sold to the company from the Moscow Region – one of the former clients of Technokomplex.

Strategic decision is made to use a site in one of European countries as a new production area. The fabrication of equipment for foreign partners has been already started at this site.

In Rostov-on-Don the Pirotex units will be produced in small quantities for Russia as before, but the main line of the company is expansion of the range of products by manufacturing of new equipment for production of bio-fuel of the second generation. This decision is a result of long-term market researches and exchange of experience with foreign partners as well as a result of our own engineering solutions that pointed out the necessity to turn to a new market niche.

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