Visit of American Delegation

February 08, 2012

Delegation from the USA came to participate in the Open Day on February 2, 2012. The specialists were interested in the Pirotex unit designed for utilization and recycling of rubber- and polymer-containing waste, oil sludge and waste oils, as well as in the line for processing of carbon into marketable fractions.

The guests visited the company's Zhelezno plant, where the pyrolysis plant manufacturers showed the equipment, told about the manufacturing technology and operation of the Pirotex unit, answered all the questions. At the moment negotiations are being conducted.

установка для утилизации "Пиротекс"

установка для утилизации отработанных РТИ

установка для переработки полимеросодержащих отходов

установка для переработки нефтешламов

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