Happy New Year! Happy New Price!

January 09, 2012

Since 2007 and up to the moment the 7th generation of the Pirotex pyrolysis plant has already been manufactured thanks to our partners who bought and operate the unit Pirotex designed for recycling and utilization of rubber- and polymer-containing waste, oil sludge and waste oils.

Experience and wishes of our partners, findings and solutions that were impossible to foresee and take into consideration in design documentation were taken into account in the new version. For example, use of non-bolt joints for the crucible's cover makes the operating process easier, more convenient and less labor-intensive.

Connection of the pyrolysis crucible with the line of chemical synthesis is modified, now there are no bolted joints and packing-pieces. Also an innovative material is used instead of bulky and costly lining of the furnace inner part with fire bricks, which allows to reduce the weight of heat insulation from 6 tons to 248 kg, increase heat-protection by 35 % and reduce fuel consumption for the first start.

Technical solutions were applied to use heat from the pyrolysis furnace coating for technological needs of the enterprise that operates the equipment: hot water / hot air according to the customer's request.

This list of modifications applied in the process of serial manufacturing of Pirotex is far from complete.

In the price list of 07.01.2012 the price is given for equipment technically and technologically up-to-date for January 2012.

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