The first demonstrational launch of the plant Konstanta Modul-2

January 11, 2007

On January 11, 2007 the demonstration run of the unit for scrap tires recycling Konstanta Module-2 took place in the Rostov Region. Professionals in various fields of production and trade from Ukraine and different cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Lipetsk and Noyabrsk visited the Technokomplex company to see the equipment in operation and communicate with the tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturers. Especially we were pleased with the interest in our equipment of one of the high-level officials from the Administration of one of the regions of Russia.

The first demonstration run of the unit Konstanta Module-2   The first demonstration run of the unit Konstanta Module-2

Before leaving for the site of the unit Konstanta Module-2 a round table meeting was held where the guests talked directly to the equipment designers discussing technical details, nuances of the unit fabrication and maintenance. In the process of exchange of experiences in the field of scrap tire recycling methods a lively dialogue, useful to all parties, was conducted about the ways of use and sale of derived products. 

An idea appeared to create an association that brings together professionals involved in inorganic and organic waste recycling, which could not only provide information and tips on feedstock collecting and derived products sale, but also practical help with the choice of technology and equipment.

The first demonstration run of the unit Konstanta Module-2   The first demonstration run of the unit Konstanta Module-2

After the talk guests went to the site, where a demonstration run of the unit was made. To maintain the experimental integrity, the empty reactor of the unit was loaded and started in the presence of the visitors. After an hour and a half the guests could see with their own eyes the production of derived products. To be honest, the first unloading was rough because of the negligence of one of the workers, which again confirms the importance of human resource issues. However, next unloading went smoothly. The crucible was opened and the visitors could see carbon and touch steel cord. The guests burned fuel oil and performed other tests with the derived products.

The first demonstration run of the unit Konstanta Module-2   The first demonstration run of the unit Konstanta Module-2

It is too early to sum up the results of the meeting, but it is higher time to thank everyone who came. Communication and exchange of experiences are of great value not only for the participants, but also for the receiving company. Based on positive impressions of the meeting, the Technokomplex company came to the decision to make such demonstration runs regular.On January 26, 2007 in the company office we again wait for everyone who is seriously interested in purchase and operation of the equipment for scrap tire and mechanical rubber goods recycling.

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