• PIROTEX Pyrolysis Plant
  • KVARK-500 Drum Furnace for Gas-vapour Activation
  • UGLAS-800 Gas Generator
  • The Konstanta line for processing of solid carbon-containing residue
  • BUSINESS CALCULATOR allows choosing the equipment for own business in the field of recycling and utilization
Feb 08 2017

Pirotex pyrolysis plant (up to 7 tons capacity of feedstock per day) was supplied to Czech Republic in the beginning of February, 2017. The designed purpose of the equipment - plastic's utilization.

Feb 06 2017

On January 2017 the final assembling of Pirotex pyrolysis plant with the capacity 2 tons of feedstock per day on source feedstock is finished in Stavropol territory, Caucasian Spas.

Nov 18 2016

In October, 2016 there was an installation and activation of Gas Generator “UGLAS-800” in Estonia. The aim of this project is to generate electric energy from sawdust and wood chips. Accordingly, the complement includes not only Gas Generator, but also Gas-powered electrical generator. In this case the capacity of Gas-powered electrical generator was 200 kW.

Sep 30 2016

Technokomplex company informs on the installation completion of the smallest in Pirotex line pyrolysis plant (2.5 tons) in Business set. Installation took place in Leningrad region.

Sep 29 2016

The list of documents for Pirotex pyrolysis plant was added with one of the most important which is the positive findings of a State ecological appraisal.

May 16 2016

In light of drastic changes in Russian economical conditions, Technokomplex LLC informs on the change of Mini Refinery Plant price to a greater value. We would like to remind that it is the first rise of equipment price in several years and it involves only Mini Refinery Plant prices.

May 13 2016

Technokomplex LLC gladly informs on the beginning of a new project realization in Kyrgyzstan the first part of which is a pyrolysis plant of 5 tons capacity. We invite our visitors to see the first photos of installation and we will report on the further project development.

Nov 17 2015

Technokomplex took part in WASMA - the annual exhibition of equipment and technologies for water treatment and waste management. About 70 companies from 8 countries presented their technologies this year.

Nov 12 2015

Photos of the Pirotex pyrolysis plant with the capacity of 20 tons of feedstock per day, delivered and installed in Kansas, USA, are now available! It will be recalled that the shipment took place in 2013.

Sep 09 2015

The installation of the Pirotex pyrolysis plant with the capacity of 5 tons of feedstock per day and the Konstanta line for production of carbon black (soot) from carbon-containing residue took place in October. The equipment was delivered to the place of installation in September 2015. The equipment is to be located at one of the largest facilities in Khakassia for the purpose of processing off-the-road tires (OTR) as the main feedstock.


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