On this page it is possible to calculate the individual price of the required equipment for starting business in the field of recycling and utilization. To do so please select the desirable feedstock and its amount and the products you wish to obtain after utilization.

NOTE: the feedstock from only one utilization group can be selected. In case you need to utilize feedstock from different utilization groups please contact directly the Technokomplex Sales department: +7 863 201-06-16.

Utilization group №1

Scrap tires, one-piece
Wooden railroad slippers
Sawdust and chip scrap, contaminated by mineral oil and benzine (15% of oil and more)
Sand, contaminated by mazut, benzibe and oil (15% of oil and more)
Used active coal, contaminated by mineral oil (15% of oil and more)
Used carbon filters, contaminated by mineral oil (15% of oil and more)
Used coke mass, contaminated by mineral oil (15% of oil and more)
Wiper, contaminated by oil and oil products
Solid working stock waste, contaminated by oily and mineral fat products
Oily scale (15% of oil and more)
Oily hemp (15% of oil and more)
Solid plastic wastes
Solid plastic wastes (used rubber wear and shoes)
Oil-contaminated wiper (15% of oil and more)
Bitumen and asphalt soild wastes
Mixture of solid heterogeneous plastic wastes

Utilization group №2

Scrap tires, shredded
Waste oils (motor, vehicle, diesel, jet, industrial, transmission, compressor, turbine, hydraulic, halogen-free)
Used synthetic and mineral oils
Waste of oil-containing emulsion and emulsion mixture for mechanical treating
Surface film of oil (benzine) catcher
Sludge of oil separation plant
Oil-containing grinding sludge
Sludge of pipelines and tanks (barrels, conteiners, cistern) cleaning from oil and oil products
Waste photo-, X-ray and other films
Rubber crumb
Scrap pneumatic tires and tubes, up to 1200 mm in outer diameter

Utilization group №3

Brown coal
Bituminous coal
Pyrolysis carbon briquettes
Coal dust (culm) and sludge briquettes
Agricultural waste briquettes

Utilization group №4

Vegetation waste of walnut, coconut, etc.
Fruit trees pits
Rice husk